Working From Home is Not a Fantasy

Boiling Eggs & Building Empires

It Works Global Story
Get the kids tucked in bed, shove those dishes in the dishwasher, tend to my pot of eggs a-boil on the stove… and start my night at work!

Hmmmm…. what to do first, as I curl up with my cell phone and my new copy of Success magazine on the family sofa. Time to work on building my family’s empire…. selling body wraps and supplements!

If you would have told me that this would be my reality, 2 years ago, I would of told you, “You’re one fry short of a Happy Meal!”

Yet that is my reality. I am an It Works Global Independent Distributor who has promoted to the rank of Triple Diamond leader. At this level of sales distribution, I am earning well over my salary of the past as a special education teacher of 12 years! Crazy! And exciting! And I do this all from my living room couch, or the doctor’s office… or in my car…

So, I mentioned Success magazine…. a gift from It Works corporate office to its leaders, The April 2016 Success (Vrabel,59-63) has provided me with some really interesting statistics regarding the “work from home” age;It Works Success

~13.4 million people work from home at least one day a week. That is an increase of 35% in this last decade. 3.7 million American’s work from home at least half time.

~80% of US companies now offer flexible work options.

And SUPER interesting:

~Bosses don’t have to worry about productivity, as companies like Best Buy saw a 35% increase when it offered flexible work options! Working from home just makes work easier!

Pretty interesting stuff! Smart companies, Iike It Works, are taking notice of these stats! What better way to run a company than to have each sales team member run their own business on their OWN time! Work from anywhere and be driven to make those sales because your paycheck will reflect your goal! Having those independent distributors take care of advertising and marketing… brilliant strategy in the age of technological dominance and networking via the internet!

I for one, jumped at the chance to join the sales from home forces! Especially when I saw the compensation plan that It Works devised! (message me and I’ll send it to you!) You cannot lose- no sales quota, no reporting to an office or store front, no need for inventory.

Times are changing, I am loving what these innovative times with internet, social media connections are making life a lot easier for families!

Don’t you want to be apart of this exciting wave of independence? Stop putting in those long hours staring at a computer screen under the fluorescent glow of your office cubicle! Join us brave pioneers, forging our path towards financial security from our own front porch!