Resolutions Kicked to The Curb?

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So you’ve begun your New Year strong.  By focusing on dietary changes, starting a fitness routine, journaling, organizing… you are positive and optimistic about your future wellness!

Since health goals are 97% of our nation’s New Years Resolutions, a fortune is spent in January and February striving to meet those goals.  Sadly, many of these programs for rapid weight loss do not help you achieve the results you are looking for.  Either the packaged meals and shake mixes don’t have the same appeal after week number one or that workout program is getting a tad redundant and easy to skip a day…. or 3 per week.

We are a society who likes to be wowed by quick, fast, and easy, yet our drive to achieve the results we dream of easily diminishes as does our interest in completing the wellness program.

Unfortunately by March, most of us have given up on the resolution and fall back into the same patterns we find suit our fast-food lifestyle.

Am I being a Debbie Downer? Debbie has a knack for truth sometimes and it hurts to hear, eh?

So why would I, a person with a business selling health products write such a discouraging post about the vary topic I rave about?  I have been there!  I have done the microwave meals and pricey shake mixes as meal replacements.  I’ve put horrid tasting drops in my mouth and pushed play, one to many times on another firm-it-up-fast workout dvd.

It wasn’t until I started eating clean, real foods paired with my It Works supplements that I had that ah-ha moment-  THIS IS ABOUT LIFESTYLE!  This is about carrying on with this form of wellness for a LIFETIME!  And with It Works, I can DO IT!  I feel good about popping those whole food vitamins to ensure my body has the nutrients it needs.  I enjoy baking and mixing in added protein from that natural real food-based ProFit powder. I look forward to dumping those scoops of yummy Berry Greens into my glass of water for added flavor and an additional 8 SERVINGS of fruits and vegetables my body demands!  I adore the fact that my walking, yoga, and strength-training work trains my muscles and the ultimate body wraps enhance what I’ve worked hard to build!  AND topping it all off is the fact that this is all not only easy on the pocketbook, I am earning a living guiding people to join me in this mission of health!

So, come with me!  Let me help you get on this It Works Crazy Train of Wellness!  I guarantee you will never go back to the quick, easy, gimmicky ways to meet those goals.  Let me help you find the right fit for your lifestyle in an It Works package!


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