Are You Down with the System?

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  

Do you need a little help to jumpstart those goals?  Well look no further!  I have just the answer right here.  It Works new SYSTEM is not only superior herbal products to aid in trimming, energy boost, and winter detox, but it also comes with a surprisingly low price tag!  THIS month, you can get this amazing package for only $119!   What does it include:

  1. Greens– Our powdered drink supplement boasts 8 servings of fruits and vegetables to help your body get the nutrients it needs to remain balanced and fight off illness!  With a health dose of probiotic, Greens helps you digest food and rid your body of waste! Add to the fact that this detoxing blend helps fight cravings and provides energy for your body,… it is hard NOT to lose a few pounds while drinking the Greens!
  2. Thermofit– Our high quality calorie burner is just what you need to fire up your metabolism and see the scale drop!  Powered with Acai berry and red hot pepper blend, it is the perfect companion to the Greens!
  3. Ultimate Body Applicators– Of Course, no plan would be complete with out the hydrating super slimming effects of our body wrap!  Four wraps will be a full treatment to tighten, tone, and firm you stomach or anywhere else you want to improve from your neck down!
  4. Shaker bottle– And because we know how hectic life can be, It Works as added a handy shaker bottle for your water and Greens.  Take those supplement tablets with you in the handy little storage container on the bottles bottom!



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